Ever since she was a child, Vanessa has been fond of art. She developped a great interest for fashion and design and decided to pursue her studies in this field in Montréal. During Vanessa's visual presentation classes, she was taught more about colors and discovered a skill for creating interesting and surprising color combinations.

Back in her hometown of Québec city, Vanessa follows her dreams of creating art. The creative energy of the neighborhood in which she lives and paints is very inspiring.


 Creative process

For Vanessa, the creative process starts by finding shapes and colours that inspire her. Her search begins by browsing thrift stores, visiting museums and sifting through interior design magazines. What she appreciates most of all are vintage objects with simple, pure lines.

Using Illustrator, she creates the designs she imagined. Simple, geometric shapes come first then the details. The next step is to explore colours and their multiple combinations (this is her favorite step!!). Vanessa decides on shapes, composition and colours once they seem in perfect harmony.

Her goal is to create minimalist artwork that calms and minimizes the daily buzz of thoughts and anxieties. When she creates, this is the calm she feels. According to Vanessa, expressing your creativity is the best therapy for your soul.


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